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We make choosing a color simple and easy.

color scheme samples

Picking a new color doesn't have to be hard.

Choose from a color palette to get any color you want for your new surface. We offer a variety of samples. When you choose a color you can either give us a link to the color online or a sample you have picked out on your own and we will match and custom order it for you. Matching an old color that's faded is no problem. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and we can help you find the right choice.

Choose any color you like and we can custom order to match what you are looking for. 

From worn and torn to faded or dated we've seen it all. That experience allows us to help the customer when it comes to choosing a color style that's best for them. We offer a variety of colors such as solid standard paints, (best suited for tub or tile refinishing) and Flintstone, a stone-like mix with a textured surface (better suited for countertops, sinks, or vanities). If you can think of a color we can match it. 

color scheme example
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