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Bathtub & Surround/Reglazing Specialist

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Our Services


Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing is a more cost-effective alternative to replacing your bathtub. Fully restore your bathtub like new at a fraction of the price and time it would take to replace.


Tile Surround Reglazing

Tile refinishing can be used on most any tile surface, and is a much better option to replacing ceramic tile. We provide fresh clean looking tiles in a reasonably short time ready for use the next day. 

In-lay for Bathtub & Shower

Non-slip inlays with adhesive bonds to the bottom of your tub or shower vs. store bought suction cup mats that peel the paint. Standard sizes and custom fits available.

Tub Repair

If you notice peeling, chips or cracks in your fiberglass, acrylic, or porcelain tub/shower we can repair and refinish to make those obvious defects disappear. All work is covered by a warranty so you'll have no worries.


Vanity Refinishing

Our trained professionals refinish vanity tops with standard and custom color finish to look and feel like new. 


Fiberglass Shower

We use the finest pro-grade materials to fix and reglaze fiberglass tubs and showers. Avoid the hassle of replacing by reglazing and refinishing.

Kitchen countertop
kitchen countertop refinish
Kitchen countertop

Kitchen Refinishing

Sink Refinishing

Significantly improve the look and feel of your sink with refinishing. Get rid of chipped or worn paint that occurs through wear and tear use by reglazing and refinishing. 

Countertop Refinishing

Restore your countertop or refinish it with a new custom color without the hassle of replacing everything. Our trained professionals prep, refinish and clean up in 24 hours so you can use the surface next day.

Cleaning/Acid Wash

Allow a trained professional to get rid of dirt and grime from your surface with high-quality products that take an old undamaged surface and make it look new.

Soap Dishes & Towel Racks

Soap dishes can often collect dirt and grime and are vulnerable to wear and tear. Restore your soap dish or towel rack and avoid the hassle of replacement.

Email us Pictures of your project for a free Estimate.

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